Sealing the paper cup’s side seams with hot air, ultrasonic, and heating technology. This helps to keep the seams secure and free of adhesions. The ‘rollers’ are commonly used to seal the cup’s bottom on low-cost glass-making machines. The paper cup’s bottom won’t be as secure using this method. “Sliding stations” are a type of technology that we employ. The cup’s bottom can be made extra-tight by applying even pressure along its whole circumference. Every hour, we conduct a quality check. In the event that a flaw is found, the entire batch of products that have been created since the last successful test will be discarded. Thus, there is no chance of providing a defective goods to a consumer. The Master Shipper is stamped with a date and time of creation, as well as a unique serial number.


Certified to the BRC Global Standard.
The stock of poly-extruded, Bio coating, PLA cups for clean dispensing of hot and cold drinks. The ability to operate on offset and flexo printing presses. The inks are of food-grade quality. Odour free cups.
Regulations 176.170 & 176.180 of the Food and Drug Administration. FDA approved.
Certification by the FSC.